Company Overview

Company Overview

Siphen since its inception in 2012 offers an extensive range of IT Services to address specific business issues quickly, while allowing flexibility for fast and easy future improvement. We believe in rapid and iterative implementation of solutions. We deliver the high-quality software and hardware solutions that help our customers to improve the efficiency of their business.

The Siphen approach to project delivery combines a blend of methodologies with a pragmatic and customer focused approach to deliver quality and excellence across all products and services. Our pre-defined operating model takes the customer through a structured, yet flexible journey from solutioning to delivery, on to service and customer care in a lean, efficient and customer focused manner.

We believe in clear and on-going communication throughout the project life cycle to ensure that a transparent and collaborative approach is taken at all times, starting with a robust approach to capturing and understanding customer requirements and expectations. Our values are integrated at all levels of business from internal back office practices to outwards customer interaction. These values guide cultural behavior and day-to-day conduct to ensure that we operate in a sound and ethical way at all times. They drive internal behavior and practices to support integrity, communication, operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

We focus on SharePoint and .Net products and services, based on powerful features, growing customer interest to this technology and its perspective. At the moment, after successful completion of a number of projects, our team has a wide experience in SharePoint and probably one of the best SharePoint HR solution in the world.

Siphen also caters to the requirements of the industrial automation segment with its superior range of touch screen products.

Siphen delivers high-quality software and industrial hardware solutions that help our customers to improve the efficiency of their business.

Our vision

Continuously grow and create value in all businesses and establish global leadership in the information technology business.

Our mission

Creating Value for stakeholders (Investors, Customers, Employees, Community) through delivering profitable value to customers and maximising their satisfaction.

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