Corporate Governance

Siphen Technologies Private Limited (STPL), follows good governance and fair practices. All our actions are determined by fairness: we are fair to our customers, vendors, shareholders, business partners, and society at large. Fairness, for us, is not just sticking to the letter of the law or the contract but appreciating its spirit and basing all our actions on being fair to the spirit of that understanding.

Corporate Social Responsibility

STPL has a strategically approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) – in order to ensure a sustainable future for society, our customers, and our company. By focusing our talent, technology, and capital on education and entrepreneurship, we strive to enact positive social change through economic growth, job creation, innovation, and community.

Employee Relations

To ensure that our commitment to human well-being is upheld, we abide by the code of conduct that applies to our operations. The code requires that Siphen Technologies complies with all applicable laws governing occupational health and safety, compensation, hours of work and employee benefits.

Siphen Technology specifically forbids child or forced labour and discrimination of any kind. We follow high standards of ethics, teamwork and honesty in all our operations.

Customer Care

Customer focus is an essential part of any successful business. We consider it our privilege to serve them and find solutions to any problems they may have. It is our constant endeavour to embrace new technologies, to develop the best products and to respond to changing customer needs. We aspire to maintain strict quality standards for our products and keep delivery commitments.


Excellence is non-negotiable in every aspect of our business process. Superior quality of performance is critical to our business growth and success. We constantly strive to exceed expectations, be they internal or external.

Human Development

We strive to provide the best facilities, training, and opportunities to our workforce to refresh their knowledge and expand their skill sets.

Safety Measures

Setting and enforcing workplace and occupational safety and health standards is given prime importance at Siphen. We regularly carry out a risk assessment of the workplace and ensure the comfort and safety of our employees and safe use of equipment.


Our company’s policy is to maintain all quality standards right from the initiation stage till the final stage. Highly qualified technocrats are involved in the testing at all stages and all international quality parameters and norms are followed.

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