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One of the leading two wheeler manufacturers in India was facing hurdles with its overseas customers as well as other stakeholders due to an inadequate claim management system. The business required quick and efficient management of claims of its customers across the world.

Client required an easy and efficient sharepoint solution to automate the existing Claim Management System to address the claims received against the export orders and reduce the turnaround time in claim settlement, thus helping its employees achieve the tasks sooner and higher customer satisfaction.

Client decided to work with Siphen owing to the expertise we have to offer, past experience and our ability to turn their bottleneck into a cost effective solution thus suiting their business needs.

client profile

One of the largest two wheeler Motorcycles, Sports Bikes / Super Bikes and Scooters Manufacturers in India.

problem statement

The company exports its two-wheelers and automobile parts across the world. As a result, the export orders are susceptible to transit damage due to mishandling and manufacturing defects.

Client did not have an application in place for managing the claims and automated generation of reports. The absence of an automated system questioned the accuracy of claim, increased the claim settlement time as well as created unexpected issues to arise during the dealing and payable/receivable stages. It involved greater manpower in maintaining the records and preparing the reports. The manual process also resulted in the duplication of claims.


Required a secured web application from which registered users could securely register claims received from the overseas customers and process them. The central system was to be made accessible to internal users of various departments across different facilities in India. The solution was required to be hosted on premises owing to data confidentiality. The process comprised of registration of claims, accurate categorisation based on the fault, part number, model number etc., claim fulfilment and dispatch recording and analysis.

key pain areas

  • The Quality and the Claim Settlement Team was the most affected due to the lack of an automated system in place as they were unable to accurately record and manage claims.
  • Manual process involved longer turnaround and was resource dependent.
  • Future expansion comprised of implementing the registration of claims directly from the customer’s end and tracking the fulfilment of the claims which required expert advice to suggest the right technology to be opted considering the future scope of expansion.
  • Client required graphical representation of data, custom features and development to meet the requirements.

current process

The current process was manually oriented and involved the following steps which made the entire process cumbersome and prone to error:

  • Customer fills the claim sheet (Excel Sheet Format) and emails manufacturer;
  • Manufacturer manually processes the claim based on the description of the damage;
  • No digital scanning and record keeping process in place;
  • Once the claim is received and the new parts are ready to be dispatched, the details are sent to the Accounts team for manual invoicing and continuation of export functionalities;
  • The entire process is managed by multiple people entering the information in excel sheets manually.


Siphen deployed a custom SharePoint Development using Sharepoint Foundation 2013. The solution uses both out of the box features as well as custom developed web parts. The solution gives the client the flexibility to configure it according to its requirements. The new process was designed keeping in mind the following two aspects:

  • Least manual intervention required to reduce the possibility of errors;
  • To implement a sequential workflow approach for the claim process to streamline tracking across different stages.

The new process had the following customizations:

  • Customer fills the claim sheet (Excel Sheet Format) and emails manufacturer;
  • The excel sheet is uploaded on the software and all the entries are fetched automatically by the software to be displayed on the user interface;
  • The claims are registered under appropriate categories as per the parameters defined by the customer in the excel sheet;
  • Quality Team and other relevant departments are intimated regularly through email about open/pending claims;
  • User is provided with the interface to feed the dispatch details of the parts at the time of claim fulfilment;
  • At any given point of time user can extract the list of claims with their outstanding statuses;
  • Once the claim has been addressed, user can extract the dispatch report for all the addressed claims;
  • User is provided with the interface to feed the dispatch details of the parts at the time of claim fulfilment;
  • User can analyze the claims to understand and improve their manufacturing capabilities. For example:
    • Part which has received most number of claims
    • Model which has received most number of claims
    • Major defects reported
    • Cost impact across different categories


  • Web based system for claim recording, management and tracking
  • Faster claim settlement and better analysis
  • Employees could achieve the task sooner
  • Higher customer satisfaction
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