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Document Management System
One of the leading two wheeler manufacturers in India was facing hurdles with its vendors, contractors, employees as well as other stakeholders due to an inadequate document management system. The business required dealing with stakeholders across the world and sharing design as well as other confidential documents.

Client required a reliable, secured and efficient sharepoint solution to enable sharing of its documents and reduce the turnaround time in deal negotiations and empower its employees with a better solution, thus helping them achieve the tasks sooner.

Client decided to work with Siphen owing to the expertise we had to offer and our ability to turn their bottleneck into a cost effective solution suiting their business needs.

client profile

One of the largest two wheeler Motorcycles, Sports Bikes / Super Bikes and Scooters Manufacturer in India.

problem statement

Client did not have an application in place for facilitating sharing of documents across departments. The lack of a common platform questioned the secured sharing of documents and loss of data because of multiple versions and being at various locations on local unsecured digital drivers. Client works with different vendors thus taking advantage of both vertical as well as horizontal integration. A lack of a central system increased the negotiation time as well as created unexpected issues to crop up during the dealing and payable/receivable stages.


Required a secured web application from which registered users could securely share the documents and manage organizational policies. The central system was to be made accessible to users outside India as well as to employees and vendors across India. With an employee base of 600 being directly associated with the system, the solution was required to be hosted on premises owing to data confidentiality. Document Types comprised of Technical Drawings and Specifications, Financial Reports, Production Documents etc.

key pain areas

  • The Design Department was the most affected due to the lack of a central system in place as they were unable to securely share the confidential Technical Drawings.
  • Future expansion comprised of implementing and revamping the Human Resource Management System, which required expert advice to suggest the right technology to be opted considering the future scope of expansion.
  • Client wanted a one time fees model irrespective of the number of users. They did not wish to have a license based cost structure with recurring payables.
  • Client required custom features and development to meet the requirements without compromising the confidentiality aspect of the shared documents.


Siphen deployed a custom SharePoint Development using Sharepoint Foundation 2013. The solution uses both out of the box features as well as custom developed web parts and is accessible to both internal employees as well as vendors who can be registered on the web application. The solution gives the client the flexibility to configure it according to its requirements. Some notable customizations done for the client are as follows:

  • Vendor have duration based access and can access/share a particular document which can be set to auto disable after a particular time as defined by the administrator.
  • The solution has the capability to restrict user to login to the application based on their location.
  • Users can be provided page access based on roles and responsibilities and can securely manage their documents and share the same among other employees, management and vendors depending according the usability.
  • Human Resources can manage the organizational policies based on the user designation and department.
  • Users can view the organizational policies with restriction on print download edit copy.
  • IT Administrator can monitor logs of shared files and folders to ensure discipline and avoid any fraudulent activities.
  • The solution enables users to store user credentials in an encrypted format for secured access along with other account and password related custom rules, imperative for the business prototypes and highly confidential documents.


  • Web based secured system for employees and vendors for easy sharing of documents.
  • Single location, where all the organizational policies, news and announcements can be managed and can be easily accessed by the employees.
  • Detailed logging of actions for easy and quick audit.
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