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One of the leading two wheeler manufacturers in India was facing challenges managing the occupancy level of its employees due to the absence of a tracking system. It was difficult for the employees to establish contact with other users due to non-availability of their status resulting in low productivity and delay in deliverables.The business required an efficient tracking, monitoring and management system with which employee availability could be detected and occupancy could be managed in the organization.

Client required an easy and efficient sharepoint solution to overcome these challenges and work towards increasing the productivity of its workforce.

Due to the ongoing business engagements, client had the trust and confidence and hence decided to work with Siphen owing to the expertise we have to offer, past experience and our ability to turn their bottleneck into a cost effective solution thus suiting their business needs.

client profile

One of the largest two-wheeler Motorcycles, Sports Bikes / Super Bikes and Scooters Manufacturers in India having annual plant capacity of 5,40,000 units.

problem statement

The client was facing difficulty in managing the workforce across their 37 acres of production facility. It is imperative for an organization to have an accurate estimate of their existing workforce at any point in time so as to gauge the capacity to hire new recruits as well as to organize the logistics around them.

Client intended to track the availability status of the existing 600 employees and manage the seating allotment of the 100 newly recruited employees. The Human Resources team needed to assign desks to new employees which was taking more than the normal time. There was no system in place to check the availability of desks and have a real time status of the available strength.


Client required a secured intranet web application through which registered users could

  • Securely view the availability status of their colleagues with their basic contact details. The large number of employees spanning across acres of production facility made it difficult for employees to connect with each other without a proper central system in place.
  • The central system was to be made accessible to registered users across all facilities within India.
  • With an employee base of 600 being directly associated with the system, it was mandatory that the solution be hosted on premises owing to data confidentiality.
  • Requirement also comprised of an interface to assign desks to the employees for better desk and space management.

key pain areas

Client wanted Siphen Technologies to address the requirements by taking care of the following constraints:

  • Difficult to establish contact with other users due to non-availability of their status resulting in low productivity and delay in deliverables.
  • Client wanted a one-time fees model irrespective of the number of users. They did not wish to have a license based cost structure with recurring payables.
  • Client required custom features and development to meet the requirements without compromising the confidentiality of the user data.

current process

The current process was manually oriented and involved the following steps which made the entire process cumbersome and time consuming:

  • User trying to connect to another user had to go through the list to locate the extension number and dial-in unaware of the current availability status.
  • Administration had to appoint a resource to check the seat availability and monitor the change in seating plan across different departments throughout the organization.


Siphen deployed a custom SharePoint Development using SharePoint Foundation 2013. The solution uses both out of the box features as well as custom developed web parts, accessible only to registered employees.

The solution gives the client the flexibility to configure it according to its own requirements. Some notable customizations done for the client are as follows:

  • Administrator has the control over the interface to virtually define area of the facility in the application and allocate desks to all the employees spanning across different facilities in India.
  • User’s status message is automatically updated as the employee enters and leaves the facility, lock/unlocks the laptop/desktop. This would help HR, managers as well as production staff monitor the availability of resources and allocate tasks accordingly.
  • Users get a graphical interface to see the availability status of any registered employee and its contact details.
  • Human Resource gets a complete graphical overview of the seat allocation and the strength of the company at any given point of time.
  • User can set the status message using the desktop application as well.
  • Administrator can monitor the status logs of all the users.


  • Web based system to check the availability of the users
  • Quick preview of contact information to whom the user wishes to contact
  • Easy and efficient management and monitoring of seats
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