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Intelligent Transport System
For one leading information technology multinational, success and sales growth came with a cost. Ensuring product compliance with the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), the country’s top vehicle testing agency, required expertise and experience. ARAI is known for its stringent testing regimen to clear the tests for each product.

The effort vastly improved the company’s planning and executions. They knew that in order to succeed in this product compliance they would require a team which  had prior ARAI testing experience and product knowledge. They turned to Siphen to assist their team in achieving the desired result.

client profile

Japanese multinational provider of information technology services, products and network solutions to business enterprises, communication services providers and to government agencies.

problem statement

The client is working with the Government of India to equip 820 buses in first phase with Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) in a particular region of India. This is a pilot project towards achieving the end objective of making the Indian Transportation System smarter and equipping it with the latest technologies for the benefits to reach the common masses. The project was really important not only to the client but also to the Government of India, since it was funded by the World Bank.


The client required end to end testing of a major component deployed as a part of the Intelligent transportation system. The certification issued by a government authorised laboratory was imperative for the successful implementation of the hardware units and building confidence and credibility in the system being deployed. Some of the areas where the client needed our expertise were as follows:

key pain areas

  • Product Knowledge gap – The client was not the manufacturer of the product and hence faced issues with understanding the technical aspects of circuit designing and configuration
  • Lack of knowledge on the testing criteria – The component required clearing 24 tests and the client had limited experience with troubleshooting after the test results and do real time modifications to the component
  • Adherence to implementation schedule – The laboratory where the tests could be conducted required strict adherence to the schedule due to high demand and scarce resources. The client needed an Indian based company to ensure optimal and efficient utilization of time and resources
  • Co-ordination issue with the OEM manufacturer based out of Shenzhen


Siphen Technologies had prior experience and expertise with the product which helped it to understand the client requirements in a structured manner and translate them into actionable items.

  • The first step was to have a regular chain of communication with the OEM manufacturer in Shenzhen to understand the architecture of the product and educate them about the rigorous testing process.
  • Worked on clearing one test at a time in a sequential order. To ensure a quick turnaround time, we worked on the circuit design and used a higher level of configuration in the event we failed a test.
  • Sourced the additional components from international markets due to non-availability in India.
  • Created an updated circuit board as per the higher technical specifications and the newly sourced components and created an extension to be added to the product.
  • Once all the 24 tests were cleared in 30 test instances, the new products were manufactured with updated circuits and components to ensure compatibility with indian transportation infrastructure and operating conditions.
  • We continue to provide ongoing support to ensure high quality standards and
    implementation of the latest technologies.


  • Timely completion of testing and certification process as per the deadlines set by the government authorities
  • Tailored for 24×7 operations in Indian operating conditions, this solution will enable bus transport authorities reduce response time to emergencies and has features such as automatic vehicle location, vehicle health monitoring & diagnostics.
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