Document Management

Siphen’s E-Document Vault is a web based document management system which transforms paper and electronic documents into centrally manageable secure digital assets, making them instantly accessible to take quick and effective business decisions.


Intuitive and user friendly design for easy access on the desktop, laptop, tablets and mobile devices.


Encrypted and securely stored user credentials with enhanced security via One Time Password (OTP) on registered E-mail or SMS.

Location Based Access

Limit access to data from specific locations even without the intranet (local network) setup.

Page Accessibility

Customizable access control for each page with an extensive audit trail management.

Folder & File Restriction

Control users with access to confidential files and folders or provide duration based access to vendors/contractors with self destruction methods.

User Management

Manage company workforce as well as vendors for secured information sharing with duration based and auto lock account features.

Multi Company Structure

Easy creation and management of document across multiple subsidiaries.


Easy retrieval of deleted files and folders by system administrators.

Document Upload / Storage
  • Easy upload of documents based on the permitted file types and file size for better control over storage space.
  • Support for Document tagging for easy and accurate retrieval.
  • Mapping of physical storage location of document for faster physical access to the file or folder.
  • Auto conversion of documents to PDF for restricted viewing.
  • Support for Uploading email and attachments from Outlook.
Document Sharing
  • Easily share documents using the extensive document sharing capabilities. Save time by sharing / un-sharing documents in just a few clicks.
  • Audit trail management for all the files and folders from creation to deletion.
  • Sharing of files via Outlook.
Document Viewer

Restricted e-viewing of industry standard files (documents) by disabling print, edit, copy, download functionalities.

Document Search
  • Search and retrieve documents instantly using the inbuilt SharePoint search technology.
  • Filter files and folder based on various parameters like owner, department, folder etc.
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