Performance Management

Performance alignment is a key criterion for an organization’s growth. To ensure alignment, a robust performance management process that is transparent and efficient needs to be put in place to help the managers assess and review their employee’s performance on an ongoing basis.

What are the top 5 challenges?


How to overcome these challenges?

  • Allow employees to set their own goals in congruence with the team objectives and start a discussion with the manager
  • Assess the employees on an ongoing basis and award them to boost their confidence
  • Set an unbiased and transparent assessment process along with specific development plans
  • Set bonus plans and increments based on the employee’s talent and contribution to the team thus fostering an environment of innovation
  • Identify the start performers and motivate exceptional leaders to move up the ladder

Successful-Performance-ReviewAppraisal frequency, type and period

We help you determine the assessment schedule depending upon your team’s objectives. It gives you the flexibility to hold regular discussions with your employees and provide them with constructive feedback thus paving the path of personalised professional development. The solution will enable you to monitor your review cycle as well as the different hierarchy levels reporting up to you.

Pre-defining goals & competencies

It is imperative for the success of an organisation that the employees remain motivated and feel as contributors to the success story of the organisation. Giving the freedom to the employees to come up with their own goals and learning area makes them feel an integral part of an organisation. Siphen’s solutions helps you design your own self assessment and evaluation forms and attach milestones and timelines accordingly. We also provide the flexibility to define and design your organisation’s employee rating scale.

Robust configuration

Siphen’s solutions provide you with the flexibility to configure each section to suit the needs of your organisation’s policies and procedures. Be it the rating scale configuration, approval management or expense tracking, the configuration mechanism strives to make things and processes streamlined for employees across the organisation.

Managing appraisal metrics

We understand that each organisation has its own performance metrics and collaborates with HR on defining the goals/objectives at both the employee as well as at the organisation level. Siphen’s solution gives you the option to attach the requisite weights and add the goals/objectives which define your strategies.

Initiate appraisal

Once the review period and appraisal settings are completed by the HR team, notification emails are sent and the appraisal forms are made available to the employees on the appraisal start date. We allow goal setting processes to commence so the employees can create or pick pre-defined goals, add the measures, mile stones and dates to achieve the goals. Once they are submitted, managers can edit, delete, add new goals or simply approve them.

Normalise as per company, department and level

One of the critical aspects during evaluation is fitting a normal bell curve to rate the employees on a relative scale rather than on an absolute basis. Siphen’s solution enables you to fit a normal curve that helps you evaluate your employee’s performance relative to his/her peers as well as understand his progression from the previous performance appraisal.


A team leader/manager can view reports containing not only the ratings but also the initial/final comments and as the employees have progressed over the year.

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