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SharePoint customizations and deployments have become our point of strength over the last couple of years. We have a dedicated team of SharePoint specialists and domain experts who are proficient in understanding your evolving business needs to tailor make solutions for your business. Our services are backed by proven track record of development expertise in SharePoint with solutions for all your SharePoint needs for your business.

STPL brings to the table its expertise in all aspects of corporate information processing. Whether it is building Intranet/extranet portals or developing workflow solutions, our services will help you assess and implement best solution that meets your business needs.

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SharePoint development is a lot more than just setting up a server. It requires knowledge of implementing business workflows and requirements, as well as being able to preserve and leverage the value of prior IT investment while planning ahead for future upgrades and enhancements.

We have been developing custom Document Management, Resource Management, Communication Management and Order Management Enterprise platforms as well as Enterprise and Web Portals for leading companies.

“We work with our clients to ensure the best technical solution is achieved by looking for simple, elegant and effective solutions. ‘Don’t re-invent the wheel’ is our mantra but instead utilize core components of technologies like SharePoint and cleverly mold them into a solution that’s fit for purpose. The best solutions don’t over-complicate and intelligent planning and ideas can eliminate unnecessary development time.”

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