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We have stated the below terms and conditions, which considered being understood and accepted by the user for using the website www.siphen.com. You are hereby requested to go through the details carefully before stepping ahead with the stated services in the website.

This website platform is meant for usage while abide by the conditions and accept them without any modification of terms and notifications mentioned within it. Using this site confirms that you understand the terms & conditions and agree to follow them without any fault. Please note that www.siphen.com reserves all the rights to revise, modify the terms & conditions at any time without any prior notification.

In general condition and terms, your usage of this site is not for any meant for any illegal, unlawful purpose that may trigger alerts. You are notified that your usage of this site should not be in the manner that impacts our website or intended to destruct, restrict, overload or damage any Siphen Technologies (STPL) website or its network and online properties, application, interface, neither for sharing or using it for other entertainment purpose. You hereby agree not to indulge or attempt to set unauthorized access to any of its website or web pages, system network, admin or user account through illegal ways like hacking, password manipulation attempt or by any other technological means.

STPL website does not hold any responsibility for any kind of malfunctioning of user’s computer system/ network, loss of information or data while downloading any note, information or other materials from the website.

STPL solely reserves all the rights to change terms & conditions that may require or applicable for usage of this site without any prior notification. STPL has all the rights to discontinue any of the services, features, content or other materials as per need.

Please note that all the web content mentioned, shared on this website are private information of STPL. Any content, images, materials from this site may not be duplicated, amended, copied, unloaded, shared, transferred or circulated in any possible form without a prior notification and permission from STPL.

All the rights which are not granted hereby remains reserved. Criminal or Civil penalties will be applied if there is any illegal use of the information, content, images, materials appearing on the website or violating copyrights, trademark, cyber and other laws. STPL has registered trademark, which is strictly for its private usage and may not be used by others for any purpose without permission from STPL.

Privacy is of high importance and we hereby declare that we respect, value, secure your privacy information and we will not share your personal details, private information submitted by you with us to any public interface or any third party by any communication mode. For more details read the complete privacy policy at read more.

Terms of usage is clearly depicted in our above section.

This agreement is as per law of Government of India. As a user, you conclusively agree to the jurisdiction, venue of courts in Delhi, NCR, India in case of any arising dispute regarding the usage of the website or its illegal usage.

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