Water and rust resistant coating for electronic devices

We work with coating manufacturers all around the world to provide the best anticorrosion and water resistance solution for electronics devices and circuit boards to our clients.

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the backbone of electronics, and most products on the market today have at least one PCB inside. All of them are subject to environmental stresses that affect their reliability and lifetime, as well as the lifetime of the all the components and semiconductor chips they support. Our solution is engineered to provide high-volume manufacturers with a streamlined, cost-effective, environmentally friendly process that is reworkable.


  • Protects electronic devices against moisture (steam, condensate water, rain, chlorinated and salt water etc.)
  • Protects against short circuits, malfunctioning and freezing of equipment
  • Eliminates soot, carbon deposit and dirt
  • Increases service life of electrical equipment
  • Protects against insulation breakdown and current leakage
  • Cleans and protects contacts of electrical equipment against dust and dirt
  • Restores, maintains and improves dielectric resistance of electrical equipment in damp environments
  • Improves dielectric conductivity of the surfaces
  • Restores performance and conductivity of moisture damaged parts from corrosion and oxidation
  • Protects electrical contacts against oxidation, mildew and fungi

Experiment using Faytech 10 Inches Resistive Touch Monitor

Experiment using Lilliput UM70 - 7 Inches USB Monitor

Making pendrive waterproof

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