Workforce Administration

workforce-iconImprove the efficiency of the workforce thus driving them to excel and maximizing results

Companies competing to generating profit and the talented workforce aiming to get the desired fit seems to be a win – win situation for both. No one person is indispensable and that a skilled worker will always have plethora of opportunities at his/her disposal has been the general perception in the corporate environment. Efficiently managing the workforce, working towards their personal and professional development and minimizing the risk of attrition is one of the most important tasks for an organization to be successful. Efficient workforce management not only contributes to the bottom line of an organization also inculcates an environment of healthy competition and learning and development.

Siphen’s Workforce Administration Solution seeks to collaborate with you to achieve the optimal workforce efficiency catered to your organisation:

  • Monitor and manage the daily schedule of the workforce – absence/attendance
  • Design compensation packages catering to the skills and contribution
  • Achieve the right mix and number of skilled workforce for the relevant tasks at the right time
  • Manage time allocation across teams and projects
  • Ensure seamless corporate expense management and reimbursements

Siphen’s Workforce Administration solution enables the Human Resources department to streamline the administrative tasks like accessing employee records, ensuring completeness through the step-by-step intuitive document management solution. The time and effort saved helps HR to focus on strategic initiatives for the workforce thus fostering innovation and making the environment conducive to growth and development.

Leave Management

Leave management constitutes the most important aspect of efficient employee management. Siphen’s solution enables the HR to track all elements – Leaves allocation, adjusting leaves, leave balances, encashing leaves, leave transfer, unpaid leave, as well as designing and allocating different available leaves depending upon the designation and profiles across departments. The solution enables HR to efficiently manage leave management with no human intervention and still present a hassle free experience to their employees as well.

Time & Attendance

It is imperative for an organisation to track the attendance schedule of its employees to avoid any conflicts or disputes. Siphen’s solution aids you to achieve exactly that.

Shift & Scheduling

With a diverse workforce and to cater to the flexible schedule of employees, a smooth shift & Scheduling monitoring system is mandatory. It not only inculcates a sense of self-discipline among employees but also lets their team leads and HR to manage the work and project timelines accordingly. With different teams having different working hours depending on the business requirements, Siphen’s solution equips the organisation to achieve operational efficiency. Logging in daily hours, availing of compensation offs as well as enabling frequent changes in the team schedule are just few of the many features offered by our product.

Claims & Reimbursement

Filing claims and reimbursements can prove to be a herculean task if it needs to be done over and over again for each employee. Siphen aims to enable you to focus on activities that can contribute to the bottom line of your business and let the rest be handled by our solutions. Our specific forms and easy and intuitive formulas cater to each and every category – travel, medical, food and entertainment and let’s HR incorporate it automatically within the Payroll process for automatic credit to your account where required.

Travel Management

Be it international or domestic travel, Siphen’s travel module can help you with all the requirements for your employees across teams and levels. From determining the purpose of travel, making transport and hotel reservations to handing the documentation for visa/passport, our travel module is here to assist you to make your travel enjoyable and hassle free.

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